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It’s the sleeping giant of your digital marketing strategy. When we get it right, it’ll change the face of your business. And we always get it right. Higher Ranking SEO monthly reporting includes a time breakdown of all our SEO activity to give you confidence your money is driving the right outcome. Our monthly search engine ranking report will give you data which proves you are climbing the rankings and delivering SEO authority.

The bottom line is an increase in the right traffic which generates leads. Our hand-in-hand relationship will deliver the right outcome for your business. That’s why we don’t have any lock-in contracts. We are confident we can deliver the SEO results and quality leads you need to grow your business so we don’t need to lock you in.

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PPC Paid Search Management
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Place your ad in front of consumers when they are ready to buy your product or service. Generate immediate return on investment. Everything we do is tracked to cost-per-lead. We optimise time on page, page views, form submits, phone calls and shopping cart success down to the dollar of each sale.

Everything we do is aligned to the highest quality of lead. We report on everything. You can listen to your calls and we can even set up automated marketing to nurture customers you didn’t even know existed. We not only capture more leads, we convert more leads. We drive and manage these leads in your CRM.

You’re paying a lot of money to drive people to you website. Your site needs to be optimised for conversion. We create a frictionless experience which promotes conversion.

Your website is the shopfront of your business online. It’s one thing to drive click-through to your website, however if your site is not designed to convert you’re wasting an opportunity to sell and burning advertising spend.

Does your website have contact forms which are easy to complete? Calls to action which are stimulating? Qualifying statements which generate trust in your brand and testimonials from happy clients? Is your site responsive for tablet and mobile? Is your blog connected to your social media and are you generating fresh, engaging content on a regular basis to provide value to your audience? These are all questions you should feel confident answering. If not, you’re losing leads and diminishing trust in your brand.

Web Design & Development
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Display Retargeting
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Display advertising is the online equivalent of offline advertising in magazines, newspapers and industry publications. Display Retargeting is an investment which drives increased awareness of your brand and builds a connection with your future customers. It provides higher impressions at significantly lower cost to traditional press advertising. When combined with Search, Display can lift the performance and results of a Search campaign. Higher Ranking’s solutions give you better pricing, greater market reach, lower cost of entry, and detailed activity reports with improved geographical targeting.

97% of visitors to your site will leave. Conversion Rate Optimisation increases your site’s conversion – turning visitors into customers. We use Analytics data to make changes to your site to drive increased conversion. Conversion is anything that is important to your business. Once we define conversion we assess the traffic to your site to understand your user experience. We test and improve from the insights the data provides. It’s an exacting science. It is not based on guesses, hunches or what everyone else is doing. It’s not just driving more visitors to your site regardless of the quality of visitor. It’s based on metrics like average time on site, average page views, and bounce rate. All of these core KPIs are affected by your sites content and design. We can use split testing or multi-variate testing to increase your conversion.

Conversion Rate Optimisation
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Social Media
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Social Media is huge. We take care of all of your social media. With Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn advertising you can attract customers you never knew existed. It’s no longer enough to merely have a website as your online presence. If your company isn’t active on FaceBook or Twitter it’s time to engage. If you do it right, you can get up close and personal with your audience to better understand your market. It’s not always comfortable, but it’s valuable and could be the edge your business requires to meet your customer’s needs.

Knowing where your customers are can help you get a better idea of what they need and how best to deliver ads to them. We can target potential customers in specific locations. We can target the location of your competitors, allowing your potential clients to learn about you. Someone who keeps returning to a site near your business for a service you also provide needs to know you are there!

We are your location-based marketing experts. Our technology provides a turn-key solution for local advertisers to target audiences of all sizes, in any area. We offer advertisers the leading location technology, premium inventory and RTB supply.

On top of that you get the best use of proprietary location and audience data, and innovative creative executions. HyperLocal Mobile Advertising has never been easier.

Location Based Advertising
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What our clients say

After moving to Higher Ranking we’ve noticed substantial gains across all positive aspects of ranking performance thanks to the targeting campaigns suggested by the team — it has been a very productive relationship to date. Kym is always accessible, offering ideas and solutions to our specific needs. We highly recommend using Higher Ranking — our dealings with them have been a welcome change over previous digital providers.

Travelvax Australia

Higher Ranking have managed our online campaigns for the past six months and have been a wonderful company to work with. They have provided hands-on, personalised advice and guidance, and have adapted their support to suit our changing needs. We especially appreciate their attention to detail and friendly support — it has been a pleasure to work with them.


I have loved working with Higher Ranking over the years as we have grown from a small startup to a large publicly listed startup. You have always been on-point with advice, and very quick to pivot focus and strategy as the business grows and evolves from hundreds of visitors to millions. The clarity of strategy and frequency of reporting has always been a huge benefit and stress-relief to know work continues constantly behind the scenes and we are getting the results we set out for. I have no hesitation in recommending Higher Ranking to any sized business looking to dominate online search and grow their traffic, user base, and customers progressively.


After being disappointed by the poor strategy and execution of our digital marketing by a previous provider, working with Kym and the team has been a breath of fresh air. Kym has a wealth of knowledge, is attentive and really takes the time to explain things in depth. Kym’s hard work has delivered sensational results in a short period of time! We couldn’t be happier! Thank you!

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