Media Advertising’s Dirty Little Secret


If you login to a easy to use interface to see the results of your campaigns online, it’s probably a good bet that your agency is hiding a huge hidden margin of up to 50% of your media budget. Behind that beautiful user interface is bid management software that masks a margin.

If your account isn’t set up directly on Google AdWords you’re probably being ripped off!

If your credit card is paying for your PPC or Search budget directly to the publishers (Google) your agency can’t hide a margin and you save on the GST. You also know that every dollar agreed on is going to your AdWords/Search campaign not disappearing into the back pocket of shareholders and owners.

The majority of media agencies, small and large, charge between 30% – 50% margin on your “Media Budget” and then charge you a management fee of 10%-15%. You are probably paying between 45% -65% of your total spend to your agency; instead of using it for powering your campaign and click through.

It’s not rocket science, more click through equals more contacts to your business.

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