Previous Experience
Large national healthcare provider

Working with reputable full service digital agency

Unhappy with the service

Unsure of workflow being performed

No definitive improvement in organic rankings or results from Adwords

No clear strategy moving forward

How Higher Ranking helped

Initial analysis in the first months
Established 3 keyword categories with high search volume with a website poorly optimised for these terms
Implemented onsite content strategy
Keyword silos and landing page structure
Created keyword rich content for landing pages
Implemented onsite changes after client approval
Commenced strategic link acquisition to build out the authority of the clients website


Improved structure for Adwords campaign to focus on conversions
Added keywords to focus on high conversion value keywords
Added ad groups to increase conversion
Added negative keywords to focus traffic
Added text ad variants to improve quality score

The Results:


40% uplift in ranking performance
352% uplift in visitors to the website from May 2015 to May 2016
269% uplift in goal conversions from May 2015 to May 2016


Decrease bounce rate by 12%
Increase session duration by 1:08 from 2:13 to 3:21
194% uplift in goal conversions from May 2015 to May 2016

After moving to Higher Ranking we have noticed substantial gains across all positive aspects of ranking performance thanks to the targeting campaigns suggested by the team – it has been a very productive relationship to date. Kym is always accessible, offering ideas and solutions to our specific needs. We highly recommend using Higher Ranking – our dealings with them have been a welcome change over previous digital providers.Travelvax

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